Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Professional liar. The Third Liar.

The Professional liar is a conman or woman who cheats or tricks someone by means of a confidence game. He is the one who goes about deceiving daily for his living. His identity is only in the characteristics that identifies him. He is a manipulator and a great pretender. Manipulations are his master key; his victim’s weaknesses are his area of operation.

They are very insecure about themselves that they have to make up lies to convince themselves that they are something when in reality they are nothing. I don’t think they actually like themselves, they have cannibalistic tendencies. They prey on your weaknesses, your believing promises, your assurances, and your sincerity as their instinct tells them how much you want it and crave their bidding. To these tendencies they have neither limits nor conscience.

Generally. we think women don't con. You would be surprised; they do it much better than men occasionally, as they are instinctively wiser than men in certain areas. 

Usually, we think of conman as bad, ugly and ill mannered; in reality they are in most situations good looking, polite, apologetic. Good mannered and kind. Fitting the ideal type of gentleman most women look for. The truth is in the meditations of their heart. If a 'surgeon' cuts open it they would see the ugliest of all wounds ever seen, rotten and festered with dirty ugly maggots.

Conman too have personality who may have been orderly people turned disorderly. They also have a "temperament" which attracts people to them, a character with the look and quality distinct from others. They may look and act well. Standing out in comparison to others, but if you hook them to a polygraph they are evil personalities. When they open their dirty mouth they lie & often times convincing themselves they are telling the truth. 

A professional liar I have known and heard of is a so called "Body Language Expert in Malaysia" who lies to you with his advertising material, when I called his office they told me that this so called expert was trained by the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Truly, the FBI don't train trainers to teach lie detection to others, they only get trained to catch people like these professional liars or so called experts who are beyond doubt only expert liars. To detect liars you need not attend their courses but by reading their promotional materials your common sense and your instincts will tell you they cannot be trusted and they are expert liars.

Almost everyone like you and I detect lies some of the time. Some people detect lies most of the time. The very best human lie detectors always look and listen at the same time, they do not rely on truthful behaviors to cloud their analyzing of your responses, they apply good and strategic questionings skills and have their brains trained to look and hear your nonverbal and verbal deceptive indicators.

The other fact is, it's harder to lie with you face. No matter how good you are at detecting lies, you can get better at reading the face and its micro expressions together with the words, ask yourself does it harmonize with his words or do they contradict his words.

In my 2 decades of experience teaching this subject of lying, I taught the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysia Police to help them learn to become experts at reading deceptive behaviors both verbal and nonverbal. I had also taught--not to mention the Customs Department, Immigration, Genting Casino Surveillance Personnel, Lawyers, Doctors, Investigators, Teachers and a hundred other organizations both in Malaysia and overseas.

If you want to detect deceptive behaviors my favorite deception detection model is also used by the CIA, not that I was trained by the CIA, like a body language trainer locally who claims he was trained by the FBI. To me if you say you trained the FBI or CIA, I may believe you. For example, If Paul Ekman, who wrote books on the subject of detecting the truth from facial expression, tells me he was trained by the FBI, I will know it is a lie. But if he says he trained the FBI, I may believe him for sure.

There is no such "career" as a lie detector, you can however learn the "skill" of lie detection by learning a model of deception detection that I teach which I had learnt, from former CIA Agents and not from the CIA. A book I highly recommend to you, "Spy The Lie" written by, Philip Houston, Michael Floyd & Susan Carnicero, these three former CIA employees who teach detecting deceptive behaviors through a simple but highly effective behavior assessment model based upon the science of polygraph chart analysis.

Easier than reading a book for some would certainly be attending my lie detection programs, at the FURAMA Hotel, Bukit Bintang or The Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

In my next articles, I will tell you one of the four remaining types of liars either the Psychopathic Liar, the Pathological Liar who is a compulsive liar who believes convincingly that he is telling the truth. The Prepared Liar who comes prepared to tell his lies at an inquiry or interview. Or the most common of all liars, The Plain Liar who thinks that lying is a social game and tells it off as though he is highly clever.

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