Thursday, October 28, 2021

Why I will never again support Malaysiakini

 Dear Malaysiakini,

Why I will never again support your journalism.

You plead for monetary support when you had ignored me several times, you never returned my calls, you shut me off. That is why I despise you editors at Malaysiakini. You say you are for truth and quality journalism when in truth you don't have an ounce of honor and integrity.

You say you are not the mafia type of owner when in truth you are, who pick and choose your contributors. You are now begging for financial support when it it is clear that the people are beginning to leave you. Yet you say that we the rakyat are your boss, please don't fool us.

If your people were true to their original cause which was noble you would have  accepted the article I had written a few years ago that is now a proven gem. You had not given me reasons why you were not keen to go ahead with my article then. 

You had further refused in early 2021 to return my numerous calls to your team especially when I requested that my book 'A To Z About Body Language' be given a review by your editorial team, you shut me up. Free Malaysia did what you at your side refused to do and today many of your faithful readers are beginning to sideline you at Malaysiakini.

Please don't talk about your love for the country when you have proven to be biased to many of us. As for me, I don't have any more trust and respect for what you all do at Malaysiakini.

I had lost all respect for you at Malaysiakini, simply for the numerous calls that you all failed to return and the way you all spoke on the phone with me. What difference you and the some of the weak government agencies in Malaysia have? No difference, you are both one and the same.

Jackson Yogarajah 

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