Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Commemorating the 3rd Anniversary

In Loving Memory of
All Innocent Souls of Felon MH 370.

If Anwar Ibrahim can defend the Chief Pilot of missing flight MH370, saying he is not an extremist, than who is the extremist that caused the foremost disappearance of MH 370? Is it not Zaharie who was its Chief Pilot fully accountable for the plane?

Let us not fool ourselves, just because the flight transponder in the plane was switched off at the crucial moment does it mean that Zaharie must have had an extremist who was an uninvited guest at the cockpit of the plane to cause Zaharie to be meek enough and have him quietly divert his plane, so abruptly, after having the 'extremist' take off the device while he an experienced pilot willingly going along helplessly?

This device in an important communication tool that could give off identifying signals in response to another interrogating receiving signal, therefore the extremist must have been a very knowledgeable person to have switched it off at a moment when ground control can be kept in the dark, so as not to know what was happening on the cockpit of the plane that fateful March 8th 2014. 

Since it was unlikely that an extremist was present, as no demands were made, characterizing any extremism, than the extremist must have been surely none other than the Chief Pilot himself, Zaharie.

The plane flew too smoothly and no demands were sounded that scary night. The plane’s extremist pilot than silently took control over the other unassuming co-pilot and flew to its graveyard on the deep Indian Ocean seabed.

I will say it again, Zaharie knew what he was doing and did it out of revenge for what he felt as the persecution of Anwar Ibrahim his political idol, the day before, that is on the evening of 7th March 2014.

Every politician knew that Zaharie was a fervent supporter of Anwar Ibrahim including his relatives, Anwar Ibrahim too was related to Zaharie as he was the nephew of Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter in law’s grandfather.

This is prove that there was motive for revenge against the Government of the day which was perceived to have had incarcerated Anwar Ibrahim to an unjustified five (5) years prison sentence for sodomy II.

All that ostensible ill treatment of Anwar Ibrahim heated over Zaharie’s mind and materialized just the very day before he flew and blew it into the waters of the deep blue Indian Ocean on the following historic and fateful 8th March 2014. 

Defacing it on a calm early morning sunrise deep in the ocean bed in the colossal Indian Ocean.

He began his evil intentions after taking off the transponder, uncontrolled with all communications broken-down he 'U' turned to the skies of the Malaysian Peninsular with individuality, self-assurance and skills of flying, highly possessed, knowing that the authorities at home would not force it down to a halt, as it was only a commercial and National home carrier. 

Zaharie brought MH 370 down to its unknown resting place into the deep bottom of the titanic Indian Ocean’s seabed together with 238 great, innocent victims and truly guiltless souls. God, may they rest in peace.

My deepest condolences again on this third commemoration of MH370’s demise. For all the the families of MH 370, Be strong, Be calm, God will remember them and you.

Jackson Yogarajah.

President Body Language Surveillance Society of Malaysia