Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Truth About Body Language

Body Language. A clear expression of sadness.

Najib is so sad his eyes is seen drooping from the top and his mouth is turned down with a slight pull to the corners and he does not have focus. It almost seems like he is not looking at anything in specific like he has nowhere to go and there is clearly no sense of purpose about himself or hope about anything.

Body Language. The inability to show self-confidence.

Najib is seen posing for a picture with his self-confidence betrayed by the clenching of his left hand and his face revealing a look of feigned happiness. Another cue is the lack of physical rapport, Trump had both his palms relaxed, Najib wasn’t. Between these two gentlemen, though their color of their clothes, tie and suits were prearranged to show rapport and unison, their minds were truly opposed. Najib’s rolling his left shoulder backward to appear confident is inadvertently revealed by his clenched left palm moved backward so as to force his chest out showing his body movements was not fluid.