Thursday, March 8, 2018

MH370: Technical Analysis Concurs Psychological Analysis.

I write in memory of all innocent souls of MH370. It’s 4 years now and still the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 with 239 on board has been considered, the Greatest of Airlines Mystery. Is it so? That investigators still don't know what actually happened? Could pilot suicide have been the real cause? Let me bring you to the chilling accounts of Captain Simon Hardy's and Steve Landells’s technical analysis and my psychological analysis of flight MH370 that follows.

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In an article 2 months ago, Captain Simon Hardy says very convincingly in many ways than one that the clues are in the route Zaharie Ahmad Shah took after it vanished from air traffic control.
I very much concur with his technical analysis, as Captain Simon Hardy is an experienced Boeing 777 flyer, and he says this of flight MH370.
Truly, he is one who knows the Asian air ways like a commuter knows how to take short cuts home. As he has been flying the Boeing 777’s for 17 years.

Captain Simon Hardy is truly convinced beyond doubt about his technical findings, like I was in my psychological findings, analysis and declarations, when I first wrote to the New Straits Times 4 years ago on 20th March 2014, saying that Zaharie was the real cause for the disappearance of the missing flight MH370.
My analytical assertions then, was written less than 2 weeks after the disappearance, giving logical explanations and I reasoned well enough to point my finger at the captain of the flight, Zaharie Shah, as the one who deliberately flew MH370 from the start with ill intentions, taking the plane off radar while flying it thousands of miles off course, and bringing it down into the deep blue ocean.
The Main Pilot of Flight MH370 Zaharie Ahmad Shah.
If you have studied the profile of psychopaths or sociopaths, you will learn about some common body and facial language “tells” that indicates conscienceless individuals.
Their crimes are usually the logical outcome of a plan something that “had” to be done to achieve a goal.
Studies also show that they seem to be more occupied with basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing mostly related to their basic physiological needs in contrast to nonpsychopathics who will talk more about spirituality, religion and family.
Captain Simon Hardy, when he says, that MH370 turned back on itself and flew along the border of Malaysia and Thailand was in itself a telling sign of deliberate and accurate and ill intentional flying.
Now, why has the plane which went missing out from air traffic control suddenly appear later to be flying zigzag in and out of two countries eight times. Captain Simon Hardy says. "This is probably precise flying rather than just a coincidence. As both air traffic controllers in both those countries was made to probably assume that the aircraft was in the other country's jurisdiction and not pay it any attention."
This clever maneuvers to avoid detection was after the plane’s transponder was taken out to avoid official ground to air communication.  
All this was intentional, as I have been telling about the psychological confusion Zaharie Shah felt from the beginning of his midnight flight when he received hours earlier, dreaded information and potentially negative consequences to his relative Anwar Ibrahim.
This clearly caused Zaharie’s mind to emotionally race with hypothetical implications of the judgment and sentencing of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and at the unusual speed of the development of the court of appeal.
In my article about MH370, written 4 years ago, I spoke of the rationality of Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s credibility, expertise and competence that can be blown out of the water and anybody’s expectations about how unyielding a person of high caliber would be in professing his professional flying career in innocence can be crushed.
In my decades as a trainer and consultant and recently on the subject of deception, I have learnt one very important lesson, that human behavior doesn’t always conform to what seems sensible to us and that what seems sensible to us isn’t necessarily valuable in evaluating how a person thinks or acts, we can’t be absolutely certain of anything.
It was this same issue of competence as a pilot and Captain that Zaharie possessed that the public at large was swayed not to accept my explanations that their high and mighty Zaharie Ahmad Shah was the cause of the disappearance of MH370.
It is said that there is so much we don't know, but what we do know is the route it flew between 00:41 am (8th March 2014) local time (take-off), and the last military radar fix at 02:22 am. It shows the aircraft making a series of inexplicable turns. After that the assumption, based on the skinniest of data from a satellite, is that it flew south in a straight line for six hours.
Rightly, Captain Simon Hardy’s vivid analysis is when he ask himself an intelligent question as to why MH370, after deliberately flying in and out along the border of Malaysia and Thailand, to apparently avoid detection, must it pass Penang.
And then it dawns on him, as he says, "Someone was looking at Penang. Someone was taking a long, emotional look at Penang. Why? Because the captain was from the island of Penang."
“And the plane does a strange hook," he says. "On this, Simon Hardy spent a long time thinking about this and eventually he found that it was a similar maneuver to what he had done in Australia over Ayers Rock. Because the airway goes directly over Ayers Rock you don't actually see it very well because it disappears under the nose of the aircraft.”
"So in order to look at it you have to turn left or right, get alongside it and then execute a long turn. If you look at the output from Malaysian 370, there were actually three turns not one. Someone was looking at PENANG!"
Another former pilot’s technical analysis, who flew Boeing 777s for a decade, is Steve Landells, who is now a flight safety expert at the British Airline Pilots Association, He says, "A lot of the theories pre-suppose that there was no-one there to fly the aircraft, but there are only three ways to turn a 777," says Landells.
"That's manually flying it, actually turning the control wheel, flying it through the autopilot, or by pre-programming a route into the navigation computer. The problem with the first two is that you have to have someone in the cockpit. But if there was someone in the cockpit, why were there no radio calls made?"
“The 777 has many back-up systems for its electrics,” says Landells, “So even if all fail, there's a battery connected to the captain's instruments and one of the radios, so a call could have been made. Even if that fails, there's a propeller that drops out the back of the aircraft, called a ram air turbine that provides enough electrical power to run the basic facilities, including a radio.”
"The other possibility is a severe fire in the cockpit, which has happened in the past," says Landells. "That might mean that the pilots would have to leave the cockpit. But if that was the case, then how did the aircraft continue flying for so long, with such a catastrophic fire going on? It's very, very unlikely."
Yet, some authorities and the general public are still uncertain about a suicide conclusion, with the exception of Simon Hardy, Steve Landells and other writers and pilots.
But as for me, I am certain. As a Malaysian, I know the political inclinations of Zaharie, it was too much for him to stomach Anwar’s five years rushed sentencing on the eve of this tragic night.  
Further, after reading much about Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s personality in the press, I am of the view that Zaharie must have personally felt of himself as a victim over Anwar’s jailing, like a psychopath who commits a crime, blames others (the Government) while taking no responsibility for their actions.
As a person Zaharie Ahmad Shah though married to another woman was a jilted man, his woman lover failed him when he wanted to marry her too. Was Zaharie exhibiting antisocial behavior of a methodical psychopath or sociopath all along his married life that led to him been rejected? My readings much about him in the press makes me believe so.
The things that come to my mind is his keen interest in flying that of airborne stuffs and stimulators. One friend asked him, why do you spend so much of your time with these flying plane models at this lakeside, when you are actually a trained pilot, don’t you get bored of flying them?
He was said to have just laughed it off and did not answer the question, and Zaharie’s failure to answer, puzzles me. Omitting information or failure to answer an intelligent and important question is a speech pattern of a psychopath.
Another thing that jolts my mind is what Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s lover told the press, how she once told Zaharie, how difficult it was for her to take care of her children at home, and the reply Zaharie gave, shocks me.
She without realizing what she was saying, said what Zaharie actually told her. “You know my job as a pilot is even more difficult than yours, if I make one mistake, hundreds of people’s life are in real danger.”  This reply surprises me especially the statement that hundreds of people’s life are in real danger. Is he not a professional, trained to conduct himself during any flying situation to maintain his poise even when facing a very difficult situation?
Secondly, what about his own life and the other officer’s life in the cockpit? Well psychopaths do not regard any life as any much important either.
These are some of Zaharie’s ‘’tells’ that to me indicates that Zaharie Ahmad Shah must have been a conscienceless individual. But here again to the general public my ideas are highly controversial. 

Jackson Yogarajah.
President Body Language Surveillance Society of Malaysia