Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The deceptive verbal behaviors of Mahathir Mohamad

When the ruling government’s party the Pakatan Harapan was deemed fully answerable for the poor showing in the Tanjung Piai by-election last Saturday, Mahathir Mohamad was not sarcastic, as one news agency put it that he was just sarcastic while they quoted his statement, “maybe it was my fault.” Liars love exclusion qualifiers  they use it often in their vocabulary. 

Because the word “maybe” in his statement, “maybe it was my fault,” is called an exclusion qualifier, a category in deception detection called a deceptive verbal behavior indicator, it is usually used by deceptive persons to enable them from withholding information of any serious situations or when they are faced with answering an incriminating question usually as liars they will not disclose to you all of the information that are truths to avoid taking accountability and responsibility. Other examples these liars use frequently are words like “basically” “fundamentally,” “probably,” “essentially,” “for the most part,” and “most often.”

After saying, “maybe” Mahathir said, “how would I know?” This, “how would I know?” is another lying indicator telling us directly that he can do no wrong and that he is 'innocent' proving to us what we all know him all along to be a legend in fooling others, very often using the part in deceptive behavior called selective memory, ('mudah lupa syndrome') where a deceptive person creates a psychological alibi by responding to a critical situation or a question with a stated inability to remember or to say, “how would I know,” as a tool in the deception arsenal with a stated inability to know why he had lost the by-election severely when the truth is he knows that it is his referendum by the people from North to South and he certainly knows and ought to know the truth as a leader. 

Therefore he was not been truthful but was only pretending ignorance to avoid taking full responsibility. In truth a leader who does not know the truth must resign for not knowing because how can a leader win and lead when he does not know how to lead and win?

This selective memory tool of deception was used again when he said, “we don’t yet know whether the country is ready for a transition of power or not". If you had noticed, Mahathir Mohamad had not in one but in two instances said, “how would I know?”  And second when he said, “we don’t yet know whether the country is ready for a transition of power or not."  Clearly he was demonstrating deceptive behavioral ploys of avoiding to disclose the truths by not providing the incriminating specifics in both instances that would only point the finger at the dismal by-election performance to his policies and of his leadership.

When he said, “We don’t yet know whether the country is ready for a transition of power or not. When the time comes, we will decide,” It is a big lie because it is clearly evident that Mahathir Mohamad is only adamant and insisting on staying on as Prime Minister, despite the fact that he knows that he is the main reason why the people voted decisively and colossally against the party Bersatu and the alliance Pakatan Harapan at the by-election. 

Again when we analyze his words, “WE don’t yet know whether the country is ready for a transition of power or not”, who is the ‘WE’ that Mahathir Mohamad is talking about. The ‘We’ here is an unintended message or a truthful statement made by a deceptive person that, when the literal meaning of the statement and word is analyzed it conveys information that the deceptive person does not realize he’s conveying. It is also referred to as, the “truth in the lie.” 

Certainly then the ‘We’ he is referring to, are his cronies, those who have selfish interest in his continuous leadership. Again, what is it that makes him think that the country or Malaysians are not ready? Isn’t the social media widespread in its belief and comments accusing him for the poor performance, indicating that the vast majority of people are actually ready and want a transformation of leadership? 

One thing we are all certain and there is no doubt about it, with the power of the social media today, we Malaysians can honestly say, Pakatan Harapan can be defeated in another coming by-election and the next General Election if Mahathir Mohamad still continues on as the never ending Prime Minister. 

The other thing that is certain is that Hishamuddin and company together with Asmin about them joining Bersatu as a benefit in return for them not been dishonored. There are almost about a big number of  Members of Parliament who may jump ship into the Party Bersatu, (As fruits of the Malay Dignity Congress) and there are other unintended messages the 'truth in the lie' that is now happening at the serious negotiating stage to strengthen Bersatu. This scenario would be revealed later, as to the reasons why it is believed, you would know after it happens.

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