Sunday, February 9, 2020

Mahathir Mohammad's body language of lies.

To all journalists and politicians who consider Dr. Mahathir Mohammad as one of the most wise politicians in Malaysia. Please don’t be fooled by the master at fooling others, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. My advice to journalist is to learn to read the indicators of both the verbal and the non-verbal indicators of deception whenever you get to question him at any press conference and persist with probing questions, you would then see him fumble.. Always then look and listen for indicators of deception whenever Dr. Mahathir Mohammad speaks, it comes in clusters. Better still attend my courses on deception detection.

For a good example even our fellow bloggers who think they are not easy to be fooled can be easily fooled. Looking at the clip below, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad was seen and heard speaking to assembled bloggers at the Perdana Leadership foundation some time ago. (There are many such clips I could show, but this is good enough for the moment)

In the clip below he was seen exhibiting within seconds a cluster of deceptive behaviors. 

1st A gaze aversion (Looking down and moving his head, getting ready with the lie)  

2nd An expression of fear in his eyes of been caught lying. (Afraid he would be caught lying)

3rd Exhibited the Pinocchio effect of lying after telling the lie. 

4th He then flashed himself with a duping delight. (A duping delight is the pleasure of being able to lie and manipulate someone who is usually difficult to lie to, often the flashing smile is at an inappropriate moment.) 

In the clip Dr. Mahathir Mohammad shows he does not like bloggers. Because bloggers often call him names and of their straight forward articles often disapproving his views and policies. Despite all that negative feelings about bloggers, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad cunningly takes a shot by deceptively meaning that bloggers are important people when he says, “That is why we NEED bloggers.” 

When the truth is, we all do know that he does not believe he needs bloggers, neither does he like bloggers and therefore he was verbally and physically not-congruent. He was subsequently caught and seen through his non-verbal indicators (body language) to be lying.

The truth is he feared that if the bloggers were shrewd enough they would not be completely tricked or deceived by him and instead they would have booed him for that. Instead of all that, the bloggers were fooled by him when they responded by clapping in approval at his lies. So my fellow journalist please don't be easily fooled by him next time always ask probing question to know the truth.

The first part of the clip before the deceptive behaviors of Dr. Mahathir Mohammad is from the drama series Lie To Me, it is to establish the truth of the indicator on the Pinocchio effect of lying. 

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